Maps – Tamarindo & Guanacaste


Tamarindo is principally a walking town, and you’ll find most locations within a 8-10 minute walk.   Do explore some of the unpaved roads near the center of town, where you’ll discover more shops and restaurants (there are only 2 primary roads paved in Tamarindo). Taxis are readily available to get you around, or enable you to walk one way and relax on the way back.  Of course, walking on the beach is another way to explore during daylight hours.  The map below shows all the roads in town, though you’re primary area of activity will be in the inset in the upper left.


The map below shows primary paved roads in the “gold coast” region north and east of Tamarindo, as well as principle beach communities with highlighted activities.  This should provide a good orientation from the airport in Liberia (LIR), and other adventure destinations suggested on the Excursions and Adventures page.

guanacaste gold coast map