Guest Comments

Here’s where our guests get to chime in about their experience in Costa Rica, Tamarindo, and our Condo.  We appreciate your thoughts; to promote memorable adventures and experiences for others, and to allow our potential guests a sense of the accommodation.

Thank you for your feedback and input.

6 thoughts on “Guest Comments

  1. Nicole

    We stayed at Casa Tranquila with our two young children in March 2016 and had a fabulous week! We’d head to the beach in the morning, naps at the condo, pool in the afternoon, followed by a fantastic restaurant for dinner every night. We can’t wait to go back! Tamarindo is so friendly and easy. The fresh juices and yummy food were to die for. The condo pool has a separate shallow section that our 2 year old could stand up in that was perfect! The kids also loved the waterfall at the pool!


    1. tamabeachcondo Post author

      Thank you Nicole. We are so happy you took advantage of the pura vida, and shared the experience with your children. We’ve found Tamarindo is a perfect place for all ages, and that the kids can experience a sense of freedom like never before. Even the gradually sloping beach and calm waters are safe to let them ‘run’ a bit. Cheers!


  2. Amanda Coxworth

    My boyfriend and I met Jim on our trip to Tamarindo in November 2015 on the bus from the airport. He was FANTASTIC at telling us all about Tamarindo, where to visit, where to eat, what to check out. He told us a lot about the lifestyle and community in Tamarindo and had us falling in love with the place before we even arrived in town! Our first night there we went to a restaurant he recommended and had the BEST seafood dinner we had ever had. Before we parted ways that day, he gave me his business card and said that if we ever had more questions about vacationing in Costa Rica we could contact him. After our trip we couldn’t shake the feeling that we wanted to return to Tamarindo for an extended stay. Now more than a year later we are planning on returning for 6 months, and have been in contact with Jim again. Once again he has been incredible at giving us advice on where to stay, has offered us some contacts once we arrive, and told us everything we need to know about entry visas and the logistics of a long term stay. He is a great man and very kind in helping us. We hope to see him again soon!


  3. Bert & Cath

    We throughly enjoy our stay at Sunrise condo’s. The view is spectacular. The pool is nice and the people are friendly. Our condo was clean, nicely furnished and well equipped.The location is handly to many great restaurant. We look forward returning again.



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