Tropical Paradise Revisited

I am always so happy when I return to our town of Tamarindo.  Amidst all the tourist traffic – sunburnt North Americans parading up and down the main street (just like any destination tourist town right?) – there’s an underlying vibe and joy among the residents here.  Even after being “gone” for weeks, months, years; I find myself greeting friends on the street with embrace and kisses.   Introductions to new friends take place the same way.  Just so appropriate to build new relationships.

I find the growth in our town continues on a positive note, though there’s so much redundancy I wonder how every business owner survives.  AutoMercado, our quality supermarket – and by the way, a flag in the sand that our town has a strong future, much like Whole Foods coming to your neighbourhood – has opened a sparkling new ‘convenience’ concept in the center of town.  Super2001 stepped up with a new sign, appropriately concerned after allowing its storefront to languish for over a decade!  I wonder what all the 6 or so other markets (within walking distance) are thinking?  Lindsey at one of the surf shops suggested there are now 37 surf shops in town.  At least there are only a few t-shirt shops!  I did enjoy interacting with a few of the town legends today, including Denis the Pipas guy.   While roads remain a bit rough, many of the buildings are getting facelifts or wholesale replacements, and there’s clearly more activity in the works.  New residential construction also reflecting quality and optimism for times ahead.

The ocean is till stunning, warm, appreciated!  I tingled with joy yesterday upon seeing it for the first time on this visit.   Might even have to get on a surf board tomorrow, with a lesson.  New adventures in the wonderful outdoors.

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